Victorian RV Park Reviews

Victorian RV Park Reviews

If you are like us, you read the on-line reviews to see what people are saying about the vacation destinations and RV Parks where you intend to stay. We encourage our guests to make comments about us on-line after their stay.

We have provided a few of these reviews from some of our guests that have experienced all that the Victorian RV Park has to offer.

Guest Testimonials & Victorian RV Park Reviews

Here at the Victorian RV Park we appreciate our guests and look for ways to help you have the best experience while visiting Northern Nevada. Just stop by our office and fill us in on what you would like to do while visiting and we will be more than happy to point you in the right direction. We value your business and look forward to serving you in the future.

We hope you enjoy these testimonials from some of our valued guests.

Our Last Trip to the Victorian RV Park

We have travelled to many RV Parks over our 30 year RVing “career” but we can’t say that many of the parks we have travelled to have REALLY stood out like the Victorian RV Park. What makes an RV Park stand out? Is it the amenities, or is it the experience? The staff at this park really took an interest in what Bill and I wanted to do when we visited the Reno area.

We are not into gambling but more into spending quality time together. The lovely staff at the RV Park recommended that we go to the Sparks Marina Park and have a picnic at this “out of the way location” which they directed us to on a map. The front desk person recommended that we go to this beautiful park down the street, spend some time together, and enjoy ourselves. I am happy to say that Bill and I were able to bond like no other trip we have ever taken thanks to the friendly gentleman at the front desk. While RVing, we like to travel to the local gems in the area and we wouldn’t have been able to do this without some guidance from the friendly employee. He made us feel special and that goes a long way in terms of providing excellent customer service. Bill and I fed each other our lunches; it was like we were in high school again! We had a great time and were able to rekindle some of the passion that we have for each other that can seem to slip away as time goes on. Six months have gone since Bill has passed and I cherish the caring and guidance that was given to us by the Victorian RV Park staff in making our stay a great, memorable experience. I can rest easy knowing that we were able to share some great times together there on that beautiful beach.

Thank you!

~Barb from Oregon

Victorian RV Park Reviews by Barb

Nugget Rib Cook Off here we come!

This is the first time I have ever been compelled to write a review on an RV Park that we have stayed, but I felt the need to say a few words about the Victorian RV Park in Sparks, Nevada. We have stayed with another family in their RV but this was our first adventure in our own set up. We recently purchased a 40’ fifth wheel (from a friend) and decided to take our first RVing trip.

We decided upon Reno because it is only a few hours away from our home in Concord, California and there was an event scheduled for that weekend called the Rib Cook-Off. So we packed up the kids and headed out to the Reno / Sparks area. When we arrived at the park we were greeted warmly by the woman at the front desk. She asked us questions about our trip and what we planned on doing while visiting the area. We told her that we are here to attend the Rib Cook-Off with the kids and she recommended some of the ribs made by the past winners of the event.

When we pulled our RV into our space we realized that we don’t have any idea of how to actually set this thing up! We didn’t know anything about hooking up sewer lines or water or anything else for that matter. She offered her guidance and upon realizing that we didn’t have any hoses to dump our RV she offered to help us get set up. So, we headed back to the onsite mini-market and she got us set up with all of the items we needed in order to drop our load, if you will.

The next day we headed down to the event that is only a short stroll away on this really nice bike path that led us into the heart of the rib mecca. All of us had a terrific time packing our faces with ribs and thanks to the girl at the front desk, we were able to “get rid of them” before we left.

One of the things that have really stuck with me is that the kids came to me and said, “Dad, this is the best vacation we have ever been on! When are we coming back?” I re-live this moment in my head frequently and guess where we are going next year at the same time?

If you want to have a great family vacation stay at the Victorian RV Park!

~Angela & Tony

Concord, California

Victorian RV Park Reviews Sparks Nevada

Hot August Nights- Our RV Adventure

Normally while visiting Reno for Hot August Nights, we stay in one of the local hotels but this trip we decided to bring our RV. Hotels are a hassle and I don’t feel comfortable leaving our baby in a crowded parking lot in Downtown Reno. My wife wanted to drive the T-Bird up so I manned the helm of the motorhome on our trek to Reno. We were looking for the RV Park with the best location in Sparks in order to access the event and we found an excellent place only a quarter mile from the fun called the Victorian RV Park on Nichols Blvd just off Victorian Ave, the main drag.

Sparks is a much better place to enjoy the event because the crowd in Reno is a rowdy bunch and I don’t care to leave my T-Bird around those kinds of folks especially after the thousands of hours I spent restoring it! Sparks has a different feel, this is where the locals go and there are plenty of great places to park your classic car along Victorian Square while either people watching or admiring the row of classic cars cruising the strip. There are lots of vendors and entertainment as well.

The Victorian RV Park will now be my go to place for Hot August Nights or when passing through the area. Great Location, Caring Staff, & Beautiful Grounds! This place is aces for me!


Santa Barbara, CA 

Victorian RV Park Reviews Hot August Nights


Street Vibrations Motorcycle Rally

My buddies and I always attend the Street Vibrations Motorcycle Rally in Reno and Sparks. We normally load one of our bikes in the back of my toy hauler (whoever gets stuck driving) and the rest of us ride up. I recently upgraded to a 44 footer and I needed a park that could accommodate a BIG rig. I have stayed at darn near all of the parks in Reno at one time or another and found that most of the places are way too cramped for this size of a rig. Heck, they are way too cramped for any sized rig! Anyways, we found a park in Sparks called the Victorian RV Park. This spot has LARGE 60 foot pull through spaces that give you enough room to keep your truck attached to your trailer for the whole trip if you want. Plus there’s room for the bikes too!

The Street Vibes rally has basically moved all the action to the Victorian Square in Sparks right in front of the Nugget casino so this RV Park worked out perfect because it is only about a ½ mile away. The place is spotless, there are nice big trees that shade the RV from the sun and the staff was cool enough to recommend some rides we actually haven’t done yet.

It is also centrally located. It seems all the action taking place during the event is within a 30 minute ride. You can ride to Virginia City (30 mins) for the craziness that goes on there, or go to the Carson City Harley dealer (30 mins) that has vendors and music, or ride to Tahoe (30 mins) and soak up some of the scenery, or ride to Pyramid Lake (30 mins) to check out the eerie volcanic rock formations and spooky lake. Wherever you want to ride you can access from this RV Park easily and not have to fight the traffic coming out of a busy casino. Plus you don’t have to leave your bike in some parking structure a mile from your room!

If you’re going to the Street Vibrations Rally in Reno / Sparks in your RV, check out the Victorian RV Park! You will not be disappointed.

~Biker Bob

San Bernardino, CA 

Victorian RV Park Reviews Street Vibrations

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